Madam Moch Khmer Restaurant

Restaurant in Siem Reap (ONH Restaurant)

Welcome Madam Moch Khmer Restaurant (ONH Restaurant)

A stylish centre-point of our restaurants in Siem Reap, the Khmer traditional restaurant specialises in contemporary Cambodian fusion cuisine.

The restaurant is the ideal place to discover organic Asian flavours during a sophisticated lunch or a romantic evening meal. A delectable breakfast is served daily to Asian, Western guests in a friendly atmosphere, you will be in good hands.

Useful Tips

  • Traditional Cambodian and Fresh ingredients
  • Real Test Traditional Khmer Cuisine
  • High-quality ingredients and Fresh ingredients
  • Cambodian Traditional cooking techniques
  • To discover the Asian organic flavours

Our Cuisine

At Madam Moch, our family recipes have been passed on to us from generations maintaining the traditional influence. We have combined Well-known Khmer and Western cuisine with our contemporary cooking techniques, using only fresh ingredients for you to enjoy.

Location Madam Moch Khmer Restaurant